Further features

Further features making the “Sea Stallion” type most competitive and efficient:

  • shallow-draft design
  • wide hatch openings
  • high tank top strength
  • cargo cranes

    • with „step-less“ control system: hoisting, luffing and slewing motions are
      independent of each other. At their maximum capacity, cranes can operate
      at full speed using all three movements at the same time
    • „re-generate“ power due to frequency converter technology
  • cargo holds equipped with CO2 fire-fighting system
  • A60 fire-insulated engine room bulkhead
  • 2 high capacity ballast pumps (800 cbm per hour each pump)
  • sea/freshwater/air supply available in each cargo hold for connection to portable high pressure cleaning machines
  • dedicated freshwater and seawater holdwashing tanks – effective cargo hold cleaning by portable high pressure machines
  • permanent washing water return line to washing waterholding tanks in each cargo hold



Combining optimum handling with eco-friendliness