Maximizing profit opportunities

Basic ideas

  • Reducing exposure towards market volatility and obtaining a more predictable and reliable forward freight coverage for the pool fleet (T/C, FFA, COA‘s)
  • Participating in market improvements through a world-wide fleet presence in the spot market
  • Generating better and more stable cash flow
  • Reducing positioning costs in general
  • Reducing counterpart risk
  • Gaining the ability to fix charters in advance on TBN basis for forward dates/positions
  • Using hedge tools (FFA, Bunker Hedging Agreements)
  • Equalizing losses

Advantages of membership in the SEA STALLION POOL

  • High skilled and experienced brokers and operators
  • Well established reputation of the Commercial Manager Aug. Bolten in the Handy-size Segment
  • Transparency
  • Cargo commitment for the Pool
  • Regular Pool Meetings
  • Audit of accounts
  • Balanced influence

The Pool will not be dominated by the tonnage of one member