Main characteristics

The design of the “Sea Stallion” type, this most advanced 36,000 dwt double-hull bulk carrier, is based on the “Seahorse 35” type being in operation successfully since 2011. Grontmij, Denmark, in cooperation with Ariston Navigation Corp., Greece, have been able to further optimize the “Seahorse 35” design with specific focus on:

  • Safety
  • Loading flexibility
  • Economical and efficient operation
  • Environmental friendliness and maintenance
  • Latest regulations for bulk carriers

The main characteristics of the “Sea Stallion” type are as follows:

Deadweight 36,000 ts on 10.304 m
LoA 180 m
Breadth 30 m
Total grain capacity 46,700 m³ (box-shaped)
Deck cranes 4 x 30.5 t
Miscellanneous PSPC, CSR
Class ABS
L.O.A.: 180 m
BEAM: 30 m
GEAR: 4 cranes x 30 mts
Speed / consumption (laden) 14 kn / 24.0 ts HFO per day including Auxiliaries
13 kn / 20.0 ts HFO per day including Auxiliaries
12 kn / 16.5 ts HFO per day including Auxiliaries
Main engine
Wartsila 5 RT-flex 50D – 6,350 kW @ 99 RPM

The double hull concept ensures

  • Easy discharging and faster cleaning of cargo holds (box-shaped)
  • A strong and robust hull structure that is able to withstand the current requirements for bulk carriers
  • The vessel is designed to carry

    • 2 tiers of 22.5 mts each
    • 1.5 tiers of 30 mts each

Environmental friendliness is ensured by

  • Fully electronic main engine / lower consumption
  • Low emission machinery
  • Easy ballast water exchange
  • The risk of oil spills is minimized by having all fuel tanks in the engine room space
  • No fuel tanks in double bottom
  • Fully electrically driven cranes & mooring equipment
  • Trim optimization and voyage performance monitoring


State-of-the-art design and technology