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New pool vessels “DIONI.GR” and “CALYPSO.GR” entrusted by M/Maritime

The Sea Stallion Pool has welcomed two new pool members belonging to the M/Maritime located in Athens, Greece. Being the 21st unit of the Sea Stallion Pool, the modern 34,806 tdw handy-size bulk carrier MV “DIONI.GR” joined the pool fleet right after her delivery as a newbuilding built by Hakodate Dock Co. Ltd., Japan, on 24 July 2018. Her maiden voyage took her via Portland, Oregon back to south Asia with a cargo of soda ash for American Soda Ash Corp. The 22nd pool vessel called MV “CALYPSO.GR” is a modern handy-size bulk carrier of 37,856 tdw (a sister vessel of MV “LEFKADA”) which was delivered by Imabari Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. on 20 September 2017. She entered the Sea Stallion Pool on 29 September 2018 and her first voyage is taking her from Mesaieed, Qatar, to Durban, South Africa with a cargo of fertilizers right now.

M/Maritime Corp., established in 2016, is a global shipping company whose principal activity is the management of dry bulk carriers – currently seven units, three in the handy-size and four in the ultramax segment. Further six bulk carrier newbuildings are expected to be delivered by 2020.

We are very pleased that MV “DIONI.GR” and MV “CALYPSO.GR” have been entrusted to the pool by our new partner M/Maritime. Both vessels are a great complement to the fleet due to their technical specification and high quality.


“The “Sea Stallion Pool“ is still growing”, Aug. Bolten, Commercial Manager of the pool, informs. “We are pleased to announce that MV “Alkyonis”, a modern handy-size bulk carrier of 37,418 tdw joined the pool on 7 May 2018. This state-of-the-art bulk carrier was built by Imabari Shipbuilding, Japan, and delivered in 2016. The first voyage as pool member will take the vessel from Fangcheng, P. R. China to Grundartangi, Iceland with a cargo of alumina.”

The “Sea Stallion Pool” started its activities with a fleet of modern bulk carrier newbuildings of the “Seahorse” and the even more eco-optimized “Sea Stallion” type in 2013. That’s the reason why the pool was named “Sea Stallion Pool”. However, the pool has always been open to shipowners of other modern bulk carriers of similar size, specification and age.

“We are very content that as per today the pool fleet counts 12 bulk carriers of the proven “Seahorse”/”Sea Stallion” types, but also one “Green Dolphin” and seven ultra-modern, versatile Japanese-built handy-size bulk carriers of Imabari, Naikai Zosen Setoda and Minaminippon shipyards”, Oliver Harms, responsible for the Commercial Management within the Aug. Bolten organisation, states. “The structure and size of the pool fleet enables us to satisfy all kinds of requirements of our customers. Since the pool is meant to grow further, the service will even improve in future.”


On 30 June 2017 MV “Glenpark”, sister vessel of MV “Mountpark” joined the “Sea Stallion Pool” as 19th unit. Like MV “Mountpark” which has already been trading successfully since April 2016, this newbuilding with a deadweight capacity of 37,510 tdw has been chartered by the pool. Aug. Bolten, Hamburg, commercial manager of the “Sea Stallion Pool” is very pleased to welcome the second bulk carrier newbuilding of this type which was designed and built by Naikai Zosen Setoda Shipyard, Japan. “Our clients do very much appreciate this first-class, versatile ship type and we look forward to expanding our pool business continuously”, they stated. After a memorable naming and launching ceremony in Japan, MV “Glenpark” started her maiden voyage which will take her to the west coast of Canada to load a cargo of logs for destination China.


MV „Sumatra“- a modern double-hull bulk carrier of the “Green Dolphin” type and with a deadweight capacity of 38,943 tdw – was welcomed on 24 November 2016 as a new member of the “Sea Stallion Pool”. Built by Huanghai Shipbuilding Co. Ltd., P. R. of China, and delivered to its original owner in January 2016, the vessel was sold as second-hand vessel to Green Dolphin GmbH & Co. KG, Germany, in November this year.

MV “Sumatra” was taken over in Singapore and is in operation and full management of Aug. Bolten, Hamburg. She started her activities as “Sea Stallion Pool” member loading her first cargo of zircon in Geraldton, Australia with destination China.


As already announced in spring this year, another new-building – MV “Lefkada” – was taken over by its German owners from Shimanami Shipyard (Imabari Shipbuilding), Japan, and joined the “Sea Stallion Pool” on 30 August 2016. The handy-size bulker with a capacity of 37,951 tdw is under full management of Aug. Bolten, Hamburg, who are also in charge of the commercial management of the “Sea Stallion Pool”. MV “Lefkada” is characterized by particularly modern and eco-friendly features and was welcomed as one of the top performers within the pool. Her maiden voyage is presently taking MV “Lefkada” from China to Brazil with a cargo of urea. Technical specification, plans and photo of the vessel will complete this website in due course.

Bulker newbuilding „Mountpark“ has joined the “Sea Stallion Pool” as 16th unit

MV “Mountpark”, an ultra-modern 37,510 tdw craned double-hull bulk carrier built by Naikai Zosen Setoda Shipyard, Japan, was delivered to its owners Mountpark Shipping Co. Ltd., London (part of the Denholm group) on 28 April 2016. The vessel which had been chartered by the “Sea Stallion Pool” is eco-optimized and particularly equipped and described as “log-fitted” with boxshaped holds. Her maiden voyage will take her to Vancouver, Canada for loading a cargo of logs with destination China.

Aug. Bolten Wm. Miller’s  Nachfolger (GmbH & Co.) KG, Commercial Manager of the “Sea Stallion Pool” has stated today: “MV “Mountpark” with its modern design and technical features is a great supplement to the pool. We are very pleased that we can offer another attractive and competitive vessel within a variety of first-class bulkers to our clients.”

The “Sea Stallion Pool” is still growing. The next new-building, a Japanese built handy-size bulk carrier which belongs to the fleet of Aug. Bolten is expected to go into service beginning of September this year.

Sea Stallion Pool welcomes new member vessel MV “Loch Lomond”

Aug. Bolten, Commercial Manager of the Sea Stallion Pool of ultra-modern handy-size bulkers, today announced that MV “Loch Lomond” has recently joined its pool as the 15th vessel under management. The dry bulk carrier has a capacity of 38,436 deadweight tons (DWT) and was built at Minaminippon Shipbuilding Co. Ltd., Japan in 2012. Her first voyage as a pool member will take her from Japan to Thailand with a cargo of steel products. Additional Information »

14th pool vessel in service

MV “Carolina Bolten“, a “Seahorse”-newbuilding with a deadweight capacity of about 37,500 mts, has recently been delivered by Yangzhou Guoyu Shipbuilding Co. Ltd., China, to her German owners. She followed her sister vessel “Carlota Bolten” which was delivered in January this year and the very similar “Sea Stallion”-type newbuilding MV “Alkyon” which joined the Sea Stallion Pool in February. Additional Information »

MV “Carlota Bolten” joined the “Sea Stallion Pool” of handy-size bulk carriers

Mid-January 2015 “Seahorse”-newbuilding “Carlota Bolten” was taken over by her German owners MS “Carlota Bolten” Schifffahrtsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG which belong to the Aug. Bolten Group. The vessel has a deadweight capacity of approx. 37,500 tdw and proven features of the modern “Seahorse” type. Owners are glad to announce that MV “Carlota Bolten” joined the “Sea Stallion Pool” immediately after delivery. The vessel has meanwhile left the shipyard Yangzhou Guoyo Shipbuilding Co. Ltd., China, has loaded steel products in Japan and is presently on its maiden voyage to the U.S. Gulf. Additional Information »