Press Releases 2019


Aug. Bolten, Hamburg, Commercial Manager of the Sea Stallion Pool, is pleased to announce that the bulker new-building MV “CHARISMA.GR” joined the Pool at the end of April 2019. MV “CHARISMA.GR” is the fifth vessel under the management of M/Maritime, Athens to enter the Sea Stallion Pool. This state-of-the-art bulk carrier with a deadweight capacity of 37,295 tdw is the second Onomichi/Saiki-type Pool vessel and – like her sister vessel MV “ELECTRA.GR” in March this year – joined the Pool right after delivery by the Japanese Onomichi Dockyard Co. Ltd.

MV “CHARISMA.GR” is presently loading bulk grains in Portland/USA and her maiden voyage will take her back to Japan for discharging.

“We are very pleased that we have been entrusted five modern vessel by M/Maritime since October last year”, Aug. Bolten states. “The positive development of the pool underlines the successful pool concept which is for the benefit of all parties involved – our pool members and clients. We expect potential for further growth of the pool in the near future.”

[ship’s specification and plans will be added to the website as soon as possible]

MV “ELECTRA.GR” – fourth M/Maritime vessel and first Onomichi/Saiki-type in the Sea Stallion Pool

As latest addition, bulk carrier new-building MV „ELECTRA.GR“ joined the Sea Stallion Pool as 26th unit on 5th March 2019. Built by Onomichi Dockyard Co. Ltd., Japan, and managed by M/Maritime, Athens/Greece, this modern box-shaped bulk carrier of 37,323 tdw has started her pool career right after delivery from the shipyard beginning of March this year. Her maiden voyage is presently taking her from Vancouver/Canada to Jebel Ali and Doha in the Arabian Gulf with a cargo of bulk wheat.

MV “ELECTRA.GR” followed MV “DIONI.GR”, MV “CALYPSO.GR” and MV “AVRA.GR” which are also being managed by M/Maritime and joined the Sea Stallion Pool in 2018. MV “ELECTRA.GR” is the fourth vessel managed by M/Maritime to be entrusted to the Sea Stallion Pool.